Investing In Remote Mowers, LLC.

   Remote Mowers, LLC is a small manufacturing company transitioning from made-to-order only sales to full scale production.  When all units were built to order, it resulted in low sales volumes.  The old saying, "you can't sell apples from an empty cart" proved true. Being the world's most practical solution to slope mowing, the TRX-44-PRO captured the attention of government municipalities from all over and is ultimately where this is going.  Most government purchases require a net-30 purchase order and units have to be in stock. With the new OSHA recommendations and practical slope mowing solutions few and far between, government municipalities are jumping up and down for the new TRX-52-PRO because it truly is the world's most practical solution to slope mowing. 

Sponsor a Mower(s)

   Sponsoring a mower is an entry level investment opportunity where you put up the money to build the mower(s) and get an immediate return once the sale is made.  You can expect a return on your investment in 90 days.  With government municipalities from all over wanting to issue purchase orders, this is about as risk-free as it gets.

Become a Dealer

   If you are already set up as a power equipment dealer in a mountain region, people will drive 100 miles to see these mowers in action and once the word gets out, local traffic to your business will increase tremendously with people stopping by just to see the mowers.  Your local news station will also do a segment on your store giving you free advertisement to boot!  Order 5 or more units to keep in stock and order more each time you make a sale.  Service and maintenance is the same as traditional zero-turn mowers so there is no need to sweat service after the sale.

Put The Hammer Down!

   If you want to sponsor 20-100 units, we are ready to put the hammer down on mass production, create jobs, and all things good.  Not only are these mowers engineered for performance, they are designed to go together with ease using laser cut CNC technology.  This allows us to produce large quantities in a reasonable amount of time without sacrificing quality and workmanship in each mower we ship.  

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