Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mowers

1)  Will it hurt the robotics if my mowers gets rained on?
No.  All Summit Mowers electronics are sealed tight in a weather proof compartment.  As long as you never aim a pressure washer nozzel directly at the electronics compartment under the hood, you will be fine.  


Robotics compartment
Pre-assembled compartment

2)  What happens if it breaks?
If your mower breaks under warranty, a new replacement part will be shipped with detailed instructions for making the repairs using only simple hand tools.  For example, if the electronics fail, an entire plug-n-play electronics compartment will be shipped to you and not an individual component inside the compartment.


3)  How steep of a hill will it mow?
The TRX series mowers will maintain its footing on slopes up to 50 degrees.  However, if you are dealing with a hard packed surface such as a gravel bed, you will be limited to 30 degrees.  With soft soil conditions, the wide surface area of the tracks allows it to crawl around with ease.

4)  How can I find out what degree slope I have?
This is a very important question.  Most people look at a slope and guess how steep it is and almost always guess too steep.  A more accurate way is to use an angle finder from your local hardware store and a straight edge such as a 4 ft level or piece of lumber.  Another way is to get a measurement straight down from the tip of a 4 ft level and calculate a pitch.  For instance, if you come out 4 ft and down 3 ft, you have an 8:12 pitch or 30 +/- degree slope.


5)  How far is the range?  What happens if it loses signal?
Each mower uses an R/C airplane transmitter with 1000 ft range of operation and is equipped with an electronic fail-safe to shut the engine off in the event it loses signal with the receiver.  Lose of signal can occur from traveling outside of the range, dropping the transmitter while in use or if the batteries become too weak.  Even though the transmitter has a range of 1000 ft, you never want to lose line of sight and if using video control, we recommend keeping it under 300 feet.  It's a lawn mower.  It eats things.  Control must never be lost.

6)  Why use a zero-turn mower instead of building from scratch?
Building a remote mower using a rock solid zero-turn mower as its a foundation keeps production costs low and service and maintenance is easy for the end user.  Using off-the-shelf parts vs manufacturing each part again keeps manufacturing costs at a minimum while making it easy for the end user to procure parts when it comes time for service and maintenance.  It truly is the most practical solution to slope mowing there is.


7)  Won't the tracks tear the ground up when it turns?
No.  Our mowers do not use aggressive tread patterns to dig into the soil for traction.  Instead, we use tracks designed for mini excavators that are not only incredibly durable but also turf friendly.  Combine this with a wide footprint to weight ratio and you can perform zero-turn maneuvers on damp soil without causing turf damage and still maintain control on 50 degree slopes without causing erosion. 


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we just might post it here to help others!