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     We started out making small electric driven remote control mowers that evolved into what you see here today; the most practical solution to mowing steep hills in commercial day-in day-out applications. Built on a traditional zero-turn foundation, our mowers are easy to service and maintain with local parts availability. This also lowers production costs making them as affordable as possible. The wide rubber tracks on a relatively light weight machine allows it to traverse 40-50 degree slopes side-to-side. This prevents erosion typically caused from wheel driven machines only able to go up and down while also increasing productivity. Take a look around our site and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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Why Our Mowers Are The Best Slope Mowing Solution:

  • Just as easy to maintain as traditional zero turn mowers because it starts out as one.

  • General maintenance parts available at local power equipment dealers nationwide.

  • Our TRX track mowers traverse side to side on 50° slopes preventing erosion.

  • Wheel driven machines cause erosion because they can only go up and down.

  • Our TRX series mowers truly are the world's most practical solution to slope mowing.

Remote Slope Mower

The TRX-52-PRO is a super duty remote control slope mower designed for heavy commercial applications. Using only top-of-the-line commercial/ industrial grade components, this machine is ideal for day-in day-out operation on slopes up to 50°.  Easily mulch brush and saplings up to 1 inch with a machine that's easy to service and maintain.

Remote Mowers TRX-42 Slope Mower

Like its big brother, the TRX-44-PRO is also designed to mow 50° slopes without causing erosion. With the professional landscapers in mind, this machine is equipped with the 21 HP Kawasaki and Hydro-Gear ZT-3100 transmissions. Built on a zero-turn mower foundation, you won't need an engineering degree when it comes time for service and maintenance.

Remote Control Lawnmowers

The dual wheel drive ZTR-60 remote control lawnmower is ideal for niche residential and light commercial applications with slopes less than 25°. Increase productivity with a higher top speed and wide 60 inch deck combined with a more affordable price tag to boot. Get the job done quick, fast, and in a hurry without taking the risk of rollover accidents.